Dry Eye Treatment in Mansfield, TX

Eye treatments using Opti-Light by Lumenis.

Graphic illustration of the Opti-Light device by Lumenis.


Opti-Light laser is used to treat dry eyes without drops or medication. It is used to treat dry eyes due to Meibomian gland dysfunction.

This is the first FDA approved, non invasive treatment for dry eyes. Get the safe, precise, elegant, procedure you want without using drops or medications to cure dry eyes. Only after approximately 4 sessions, the Opi-light reduces inflammation, improves tear break up time,and improves meibomian gland function.

Each session only lasts about 15 minutes. No down time.

The laser is used around the eye and not in the eye directly.


A photo of the Opti-Light eye treatment device by Lumenis.

A photo of the Opti-Light eye treatment device by Lumenis being used during treatment..

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