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Our goal is to reduce % body fat and teach you to achieve a healthy, active lifestyle for life.

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Weight Loss Services

Your overall health and wellness are important to you and our team. Reach out to our consultants today to learn more about our weight loss services.

Weight loss can be challenging for some people. With today’s fast-paced lifestyle and widespread misinformation about what it means to have a healthy weight, many people in Mansfield, TX, struggle to maintain healthy body weight. Being overweight without a fitness regimen can lead to obesity, medical conditions, and an overall lack of wellness.

There is no shame in receiving assistance from a caring physician who can enroll you in a tailor-made weight loss program targeting your specific wellness goals. Core Rejuvenation Wellness and MedSpa is a leading medical spa facility serving patients in Mansfield, TX. We carefully structure our weight loss programs to help every client achieve their ideal weight loss goals.

Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Our mission at Core Rejuvenation Wellness and MedSpa is to help you live a healthier lifestyle with a physician-led weight loss program. We understand that shedding unwanted fat is essential for improving a person’s overall health, but it’s not always easy to lose weight. That is why a doctor will assess every overweight person seeking weight loss options at our medspa to determine the best weight loss plan for their needs and goals.

Many people in Mansfield, TX, participate in weight loss programs that produce short-term results. At Core Rejuvenation, we strive to create weight management plans that allow our patients to achieve long-term success.

Because we are a medical spa, we have an experienced and compassionate physician on staff who will take your medical history and evaluate your health. The physician and the support staff will guide you on your weight loss journey by choosing your ideal program to shed pounds and maintain a healthy weight.

Our Mansfield, TX, weight loss programs include diet plans, medications, supplements, and coaching. Every person is different, so we have several weight management options for our patients.

Diet Plans

As part of our medical weight loss treatments, a physician will carefully take your medical history, evaluate your health, and learn your body’s metabolic rate. Our doctor may create a customized diet plan to ensure that you get vital nutrients and foods to help you feel full without packing on pounds.

Prescription Medications

Sometimes, eating the right foods and exercising are not enough to lose weight. Our physician may prescribe medicines like Phentermine, an FDA-approved appetite suppressant, as part of your medical weight management program.

Other options include Semaglutide and Tirzepatide. Semaglutide is used for type 2 diabetes but has been shown to help with weight loss. It slows the gastrointestional tract. Semaglutide is a glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor agonist, which is a type of medication used to treat type 2 diabetes. It works by increasing insulin secretion and reducing the amount of glucose produced by the liver, leading to improved glucose control. Semaglutide is taken as a subcutaneous injection and is available in both pill and injection forms. It makes you feel much fuller and hence, eat less food. We provide the subcutaneous forms.

Tirzepatide is a dual GLP-1 and glucagon receptor agonist, a type of medication that is being investigated for its potential to treat obesity and type 2 diabetes. It works by increasing the release of insulin and reducing the release of glucose from the liver, which helps to control blood sugar levels and promote weight loss by reducing hunger and increasing feelings of fullness.

Both are very successful in weight loss.


Vitamins are essential for health and wellness. At Core Rejuvenation, your weight management program might include supplements that increase your body’s metabolic process to trigger weight loss.

Life Coaching

We offer nutrition and life coaching at Core Rejuvenation Wellness and MedSpa. Our team has years of experience helping patients improve their health and achieve a more slender body. As part of this weight management program, you can get personalized motivation, support, and details about nutrition to help you make the right decisions about food and fitness.

Benefits of Weight Loss and Weight Management Programs

The problem with fad diets is that they offer short-term results without the possibility to customize the program to meet personal goals and health needs. A weight management program from Core Rejuvenation Wellness and MedSpa is a comprehensive physician-supervised plan that considers your needs, health, and goals.

With our help, you can shed weight and keep the pounds off. You will look and feel great with your slender body and health improvements. Losing weight healthily with our weight loss programs may also reduce your risk of common health problems obese people face, including:

  • *Heart disease

  • *Diabetes

  • *High blood pressure

Contributing Factors Of Wellness and a Healthy Lifestyle

Obesity can negatively impact your life. With the Core Rejuvenation Wellness and MedSpa weight loss programs, you can learn how to shed pounds by learning healthy eating habits and weight loss strategies that work for your body type.

You might wonder why you carry extra pounds. Though overeating the wrong foods can be a factor, that isn’t the only cause of obesity. Other factors include:

  • *Energy imbalance

  • *Lack of exercise

  • *Genetics

Achieve your weight loss goals and improve your well-being with the help of Core Rejuvenation MedSpa in Mansfield, TX. Our physicians and team will support you on your wellness journey by addressing your specific needs for a healthy lifestyle and body weight. Call 682-772-9007 today to learn more about your treatment options.


How to Lose Weight Fast?

The team at Core Rejuvenation Wellness and MedSpa will help you lose weight at an appropriate speed by tailoring a weight management program that targets your problems around food. Our goal is to help you shed weight safely while improving your health to produce long-lasting results.

How Can I Have a Flat Tummy?

Many obese people in Mansfield, TX, carry extra pounds around their midsection. Eating the right foods like fiber-rich beans, apples, broccoli, and whole grains will improve your digestive health and help you feel full longer. Adding cardio by running, swimming, or power-walking is an excellent way to shed pounds around your tummy.

How Can I Lose Weight if I Don’t Exercise?

A healthy diet is a must if you want to lose weight, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect fitness. However, if you cannot work out due to illness or a medical condition, you can still shed pounds.

Tips like eating more protein and fiber for good gut health and staying hydrated are excellent weight loss methods. Contact our medspa today for other non-fitness-related weight management assistance.

What Food Helps You Lose Weight?

Foods rich in protein and fiber are excellent for weight loss in Mansfield, TX. Consider adding the following to your diet to feel fuller fast and consume fewer calories:

Yogurt with berries



Dark chocolate


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